Investigation into the semantic level of language processing in Croatian using the event-related potentials technique 


The aim of the study is to examine neural processing of words in Croatian sentential context. The study participants will be shown sentences with semantically congruent or incongruent words, whereas at the same time their brain activity will be recorded by means of an EEG device. Based on previous research in the field, it is expected that the amplitude of N400, an ERP component elicited by the processing of semantic and pragmatic information, will be higher for semantically incongruent words. Taking into consideration that the majority of studies into neural linguistic processing has been done for major world languages, this study will contribute to the knowledge on linguistic processing in Croatian as the underexplored language. In addition, the delineation of the semantic processing in adult speakers of proper language development can be used as the steppingstone for research into the linguistic processing in speakers with diminished language capacities. 

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