3rd ENGRI meeting

Third work meeting of the ENGRI team was held on 8th October 2021 in an online format. A new memeber of the team, postdoctoral researcher Eva Pavlinušić Vilus, was welcomed by Irena Bogunović, Bojana Ćoso, Jasmina Jelčić Čolakovac, Mirjana Borucinsky and Mario Kučić. The team discussed Croatian translations of English words, which words should be included in the normative study and future plans for papers and conferences. Also, the project work plan was analyzed with special emphasis on possible obstacles and solutions.

MIPRO 2021

Mario Kučić presented a paper titled Creating a Web Corpus Using GO at 44th International Convention on Information, Communication & Electronic Technology (MIPRO). The convention was held in a hybrid form due to COVID-19 outbreak, from 27th September to 1st October 2021. The presented work is part of the ENGRI project, financed by the Croatian Science Foundation, and is availabe at

2nd ENGRI meeting I 2020

The second work meeting of the ENGRI research group took place on 4th November 2020. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was held online. Irena Bogunović, Bojana Ćoso, Jasmina Jelčić Čolakovac, Mario Kučić and Mirjana Borucinsky discussed current work (final steps in the development of the database, the status of research papers, etc.) as well as future plans (planned date for the workshop, paper submission, etc.).

CALS conference 2020

Mirjana Borucinsky and Irena Bogunović presented their research titled "Finding English words in Croatian: An analysis of corpus linguistics tools" at the 34th International Conference organized by the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society. The Conference was held online, 24th-26th September 2020. The conference program is available at the link, while a book of abstracts can be found at the link.

Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School 2020

Mario Kučić attended Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School (LxMLS) as part of the ENGRI project financed by Croatian Science Foundation. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the LxMLS was held as a fully virtual online school (July 21st – 29th). All presentations and materials are available on the LxMLS Youtube channel.

1st ENGRI meeting I 2020

The first work meeting of the ENGRI research team was held on July 14th 2020. Unfortunatelly, not all team members were able to attend due to COVID-19 outbreak. The meeting took place at Konoba Nebuloza, Rijeka. Irena Bogunović, Jasmina Jelčić Čolakovac and Mirjana Borucinsky discussed the project's progress and the activities that follow. Special attention was given to the planned conferences and workshops, and back-up plans in case the pandemic worsens. Also, it was agreed that a Zoom meeting will be scheduled, so that all team members can attend.

1st ENGRI workshop

1st ENGRI workshop "Sketch Engine: Corpus compilation and foreign word extraction" was held online, on 18th February 2021. Workshop was organized by ENGRI team members and supported in part by Croatian Science Foundation under the project UIP-2019-04-1576. After Mirjana Borucinsky introduced the participants with the possibilities of Sketch Engine, invited speaker Nikola Ljubešić (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) gave an interesting talk on the methods in corpus compliation and natural language processing. In the second part of the workshop, Mario Kučić, Jasmina Jelčić Čolakovac and Mirjana Borucinsky introduced the ENGRI corpus and explained the process of extraction of English words. The third part was focused on practical work - the participants were divided into groups based on their own research interests to work with Sketch Engine in combination of hrWaC and ENGRI corpora. A total of 38 researchers participated in the workshop.